Where In The World Is The Fly Girl?

The past couple of months have had me traveling frequently. LA to Atlanta back to LA to New York to LA to Atlanta to London to Atlanta to LA…. it keeps going.

My roommates in LA have had a hard time keeping track of me. I came home from a recent trip to London and one of my roommates said, “I’ve literally had to look at your Snapchat stories to figure out where in the world you are.”

And I’ve realized that I’m at this stage in my life where that is what I thrive on: never being in one place for too long. The constant “on the go” feeling. The desire to chase adventure and not be holed down to one place.

It’s a thrilling place to be, not ever wanting to be in one place. Yet, at the same time, it’s unsettling. It’s as though I’m trying to escape reality. I want to live a life of glamour and adventure and not face the monotony of everyday life.

The irony? My everyday life is never the same. I fill my days up with countless tasks, meetings, activities, and anything to stay busy. I see friends all the time, make lunch dates, work on writing, music and school work. I yearn to make each day count towards something.

But for some reason, I’m antsy. I desire to travel and see the world. I look for ways to get out of my home-base of LA. It’s not that things are bad here- I’m doing really well actually. But no matter what city is my home base, I want to get away.

Is that a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. I need to learn to be ok with doing nothing. I’ve struggled with this all of my life, so that is nothing new.

I guess the way I look at it, I am not getting any younger. While I’m young, single, and have the opportunity, why not travel whenever I can? Why not take advantage of the situation? I’m making friends all around the world, experiencing different cultures and learning how to be an independent woman.

I live off of the adventure of traveling. The plane rides, guiding myself through a city, meeting up with different friends, even the stress of potentially not getting back to where I’m supposed to be.

Because am I really supposed to be anywhere? This is my life, my journey, and I get to pave my way through it.

Wanna know where I am?

Follow the contrails.

-The Fly Girl



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